March 2021 update

Posted by Simon Stewart on 5th Mar 2021

Fellow Carp Anglers!

The start of 2021 for many of us has still been a little confusing as far as Covid guidelines go
but we will all get through this pandemic and there is certainly light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

On one hand Carp Angling is clearly on the up due to recent changes in specific zones in Ontario
(great news for Ontario!) allowing the use of three rods and secondly the Covid pandemic opened
up opportunities for many people to get outside and participate in the sport, having said that
import Freight, internal shipping, Brexit and supply chain issues have caused problems in stock
availability and supply, we are however confident everything will settle down within a few months
when some normality will return.

We have also been made aware that there is a possibility of a supply base cost increase due to all
the above and whilst we have healthy stocks presently adding new and existing products into stock
our pricing has remained static over the last few years, there is a possibility (still to be confirmed)
we may be forced to increase pricing which will also have global impact, if you see it now dont wait.

Some good news on our shipping costs outbound to Ontario and Quebec, we have been
negotiating for months on a forecasted amount of shipments enabling Carp Kit to offer a flat rate cost
(our shipping terms will be updated) with a major carrier

however will be a slightly less time sensitive with delivery between 3 to 4 days.

We hope to see you all out there soon and please all stay safe and respect current protocols

Best Wishes
Team Carp Kit