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Bait Delivery

  • Gardner UltraPult

          Gardner UltraPult The ‘UltraPult’ medium, carp fishing catapults have been designed for easy, quick and consistently accurate bait application.With a strong, reinforced moulded frame that is both rigid and...

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  • Fox Power Guard Rangemaster Multi Pouch

          Fox Power Guard Rangemaster Multi Pouch   Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control – curve in handle corrects for, and prevents the need for, wrist flexion when baiting Features patented knuckle...

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  • Korum No Twist Catapult - Large

          Korum No Twist Catapult - Large The catapult that never tangles! Utilising our unique PTFE bush system, it means your catapult elastic will not twist up on itself, stopping it tangling around the frame. Comes complete with...

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  • Carp Spirit Baiting Handle 1.8m

          Carp Spirit Overhead Baiting Handle 1.8m   Made from ultra-strong fibreglass featuring dual grips, simply attach a baiting scoop to the threaded end. Perfect for baiting up with seeds, boilies and pellets at a medium range...

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  • Spomb Floats

        Spomb Floats Each float pack includes a black/white float and a high vis red float.  Both floats have a hole ready cut to the correct diameter that fits perfectly onto the tail of all of our Spombs - mini, midi or large sizes. ...

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  • Korda Eazi-Stik

          Korda Eazi-Stik Korda's lightweight throwing stickMakes long-range baiting with boilies easyRubber handle provides great grip25mm and 20mm sizes availableThe Eazi-Stik has a long, straight shaft which allows the boilie to pick up...

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  • RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher

          RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Purpose built for angling, the RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher makes light work of making boilie crumb for spod mix, groundbait and marginal work. Featuring an array of stainless steel...

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  • Korda Katapult

        Korda Katapult The Korda Katapult is set to become an industry benchmark for reliability and fuss free performance. Korda have launched 2 versions of this katty, a light and a heavy version. The light version has a medium pouch and...

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  • Cygnet Wide Frame Catapult

          Cygnet Wide Frame Catapult An incredibly strong yet ultra–lightweight catapult. Its wide–frame, tangle–free design means effortless, accurate baiting with boilies and particle baits. Strong Elastic Wide Frame...

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  • Nash Deliverance Cybershot Throwing Stick

            Nash Deliverance Cybershot Throwing Stick Nash Deliverance Cybershot Throwing Stick looks like it might be a weapon from the new Judge Dredd movie, but it is, in fact, the new throwing stick that Nash have been developing...

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  • Gardner Skorpion Throwing Sticks

              Gardner Skorpion Throwing Sticks The Skorpion throwing sticks have been designed to afford the boilie angler the absolute highest performance possible in terms of accuracy, range and power. In testing these sticks...

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  • Gardner Knuckle Guard

              Gardner Knuckle Guard   This Slinga Knuckle Guard protects your fingers when firing bait with a catapult. The Knuckle Guard fits most of the popular catapults on the market. For total hand protection - even...

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  • Gardner Slinga Spares

          Gardner Slinga Spares   Replacenet pouches and Latex   Pouches has reinforced eyelets embedded in a double layer vinyl material for extra strength.Available in Particle, Boilie & Grounbait   Spare Elastic...

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  • SALE

    Gardner Slinga Catapults

            Gardner Slinga CatapultsNew improved latex elastication Accurate baiting is an absolutely critical aspect of all carp and coarse fishing, and the most widely used tool by anglers for firing baits to the chosen spot is...

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  • Gardner Bait Bombs

    Gardner Bait Bombs

          Gardner Bait Bombs The Bait Bomb tool is a clever device that allows you to form compressed groundbait or scalded pellet sticks without using PVA or needing a method feeder.   The formed groundbait/pellet Bait Bomb...

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  • Gardner Long Baiting Spoon Handle

          Gardner Long Baiting Spoon Handle Heavy duty 130cm abbreviated handle perfect for use with our Baiting Spoon but also suitable as a short landing net handle on boats or as a weigh scales accessory for use with the Power Lifter...

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