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Bait Stops, Sharpening & Accessories

  • Hobo Armour Yellow Bait Stops

          Hobo Armour Yellow Bait Stops 2 Sheets Per Packet Our coloured bait stops are perfect to match your visual pop ups. They will securely hold your chosen hook bait in place and will fit snugly against any curved surface such as a...

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  • Hobo Armour Clear Bait Extender Stops

          Hobo Armour Clear Bait Extender Stops Bait Extender Stops are truly an amazing product they allow your extend the length of your hair without the trouble of tying a brand new rig. You will receive 2 sheets in each packet which...

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  • Hobo Armour Floss Caps

    Hobo Armour Floss Caps

          Hobo Armour Floss Caps 30 x Floss Caps Per Pack With a lot of modern rigs now requiring the use of a micro ring swivel, rig rings and bait floss this adds any extra problem for us to over come. Are you tired of losing your hook...

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  • RidgeMonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter

          RidgeMonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter Cut multiple boilies quickly and efficiently with the RidgeMonkey Choppa: designed & developed to chop multiple baits at a time, saving time and effort over traditional methods. Simple design,...

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  • Gardner Hook Stone

          Gardner Hook StoneThe ‘Hook Stone’ is a high precision hook sharpening tool, that can be used to hone amazingly sharp hook points on straight and beaked point patterns. The combination of a solid steel handle and flat...

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  • Gardner Spear Stops

          Gardner Spear Stops Spear point at each end with a small diameter waist in between. These mini stops are perfect for all applications especially smaller boilies, particles and fake corn, etc. Slim diameter to go through braided...

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  • Nash Pinpoint Sharpening Vice

          Nash Pinpoint Sharpening Vice Sharpening Vice holds all hook sizes and patterns securely Designed for total precision! Designed for total precision, the centre grip Sharpening Vice holds all hook sizes and patterns securely,...

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  • PB Bait Stops

          PB Bait Stops A unique little product that solves the issue of a bait sliding down the hair. Rather than tying a large loop or extra knots in the hair, simply add one of these to trap the bait in place. Perfect for Snowman...

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  • Fox Royale Boilie/Stalking Pouch

          Fox Royale Boilie/Stalking Pouch Due to popular demand we have released two handy Boilie/ Stalking Pouches into the Royale range. Available in standard and XL sizes, these are perfect for keeping bait to hand when using a...

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  • Korda Distance Sticks

          Korda Distance Sticks Features; Our Distance Sticks are made by engineering gurus JAG Products They're designed for wrapping our distance for accurate casting. The sticks have grooves in them, to prevent bird's nests. Special...

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  • Evolution Bait Clips

          Evolution Bait Clips The “Bait Clip” has been designed to make attaching a bait to your rig easier. Its simple design enables you to tie a bait to the clip using floss, and then is simply attached to your “D...

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  • Evolution Giant Hair Stop

          Evolution Giant Hair Stop Many anglers of the older generation (myself included) have trouble with hair stops… with this in mind we have developed our “Giant Hairstop” Like the name suggests its a monster...

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  • FN Bait Stop System

          FN Bait Stop System 100 Pieces Mixed Size & Colour 50 Short - 5mm Stem / 3mm Disc ( 10 of each Red, Orange, Flouro yellow & 20 yellow) 50 Long - 10mm Stem / 3mm Disc ( 10 of each Red, Orange, Flouro yellow & 20...

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  • JAG Hook Sharpening / Lead / Bits Pouch

          JAG Hook Sharpening / Lead / Bits Pouch Designed to neatly house the complete JAG hook sharpening range. Double zipped, fully padded and made in England. The pouch is also the perfect size to safely store Polaroid glasses and is...

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  • Korda Kutter

        Korda Kutter What a response we’ve had to the launch of this gem. It’s the brother to the Krusha and allows you to smash out loads of perfectly chopped boilies in double-quick time. There are three Kutters in the range that...

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