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  • Korda Shrink Tubing

          Korda  Shrink Tubing Easy and Quick to steamThe shrink tube will fold under excess pressure to prevent any damage to the carpKorda Shrink Tube is perfect for improving...

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  • Korda Accessory Box

          Korda Accessory Box Compact boxes for storing small tackle items. Theses handy boxes are designed to fit perfectly into the Korda Tackle box and feature the same hinged...

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  • Korda Anti Tangle Sleeves

      Korda Anti Tangle Sleeves Korda Anti Tangle Sleeves have been specially designed to reduce tangles and push the hooklink away from the lead system. Coated hook links such as hybrid or...

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  • Korda Bait Floss

        Korda Bait Floss A waxed baitfloss, perfect for tying pop ups onto chod rigs and burning the endsExtra strong Waxed Un Scented 50m Spool Korda Bait Floss

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  • Korda Bait/Extenda Stops

          Korda Bait/Extenda Stops Clear Colour Medium 108 per pack Large 72 per pack  Clever stops that allow you to change bait size without changing hair lengthAllow the hair to...

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  • Korda Baiting Needles

    Korda Baiting Needles

       Korda Baiting Needles Baiting tools are an important part of any carp anglers kit, some people are happy to use one needle for everything. However seeing as we are self-confessed...

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  • Korda Big Eye Swivel

        Korda Big Eye SwivelAdding to the range by popular demand, these swivels have one very large round eye and one normal size one. As with all our swivels, they come from the best...

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  • Korda Big Grippa Leads

        Korda Big Grippa Leads You can basically utilise these leads anywhere that you need more grip, like rivers, on the sides of bars, marginal slopes or boating out at extreme range. We...

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  • Korda Chod Swivel size 11

          Korda Chod Swivel size 11 Designed for use with Line Saver Beads and No-Trace Systems. High quality smooth coating, Ideal for use within a Hinged Stiff Rig For best results...

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  • Korda Chod-It Tool

        Korda Chod-It Tool   A unique tool designed specifically to make tying chod and stiff rigs easier. Machined from aluminium and designed to make the perfect 'D' on stiff rigs and...

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  • Korda Choddy Hooks

    Korda Choddy Hooks

       Korda Choddy Hooks A hook designed to be incorporated with the popular chod rig or hinged stiff rig presentation. The pattern features an out-turned eye and the point is unbelievably...

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  • Korda Choddy Rigs

        Korda Choddy Rigs Our ready-tied chod rigs really are perfection in a packet! Not only are they super-convenient, they’re also flawlessly tied. In fact, we’re not sure...

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  • Korda Chodsafe

          Korda ChodSafe If you use chod rigs, or hinged stiff rigs then you’re going to want one of these neat cases. They’re an impact-proof way to curve and store up to...

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