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Alarms & Receivers

  • Fox Micron MX Alarm

          Fox Micron MX Alarm High visibility 4mm multi-coloured LED (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple and White)LED colour changed by pushing rubber touch button on rear of alarm (as per RX+)Dual step sensitivityIndexed volume adjustment...

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  • Sonik Gizmo Alarm Blue

          Sonik Gizmo Alarm Blue Small but perfectly formed. The new Gizmo® bite alarm offers top performance in a miniature package. Featuring Illuminated snag ears and line roller giving you instant indication for the slightest of...

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  • Sonik SKS Orange Alarm

          Sonik SKS Orange Alarm The SKS Alarm is now available individualy in Orange.  Six volume levels plus silent mode Four sensitivity adjustments Seven tone adjustments 100% waterproof Diamond shaped illuminated roller with...

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  • JRC Radar CX Alarms 3 + 1 All Blue

          JRC® Radar CX Alarms 3 + 1 All Blue Designed, engineered & tested in the UK Travelling blue LEDs 20 second latching LED Stepless adjustable volume, tone, and sensitivity Magneto-dynamic speaker with digital amplifier...

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  • JRC Radar CX Alarm Heads & Receiver

          JRC Radar CX Alarm Heads & Receiver The new Radar CX alarm has all the necessary functions that will impress even the demanding carp anglers! The alarm features adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity. It has a housing made...

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  • JRC Radar C4 Alarm

          JRC Radar C4 Alarm Bright travelling LED tower30 Second latching red LED'sStepless adjustable volume, tone and sensitivityMagneto-dynamic speaker with digital amplifier for superior sound qualityBody made from high impact ABS...

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  • ATT V2 Transmitters 3.5mm

          Gardner V2 Transmitters 3.5mm These V2 transmitters are fully compatible with the ATTx V2 system enabling you to purchase additional transmitters to work with your existing ATTx set-up.Soft Touch, non-reflective, rubberised...

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  • Prologic R2L Bite Alarm

          Prologic R2L Bite Alarm React To Light, this is how this brand new alarm works. Here at Prologic we have started this project over 3 years ago, our target was to find a new detection system to offer more reliability, more...

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  • SALE

    Gardner TLB Black Bite Alarm

          Gardner TLB Black Bite Alarm This compact little buzzer is as tough as old boots and we are constantly astonished by how rugged, durable and waterproof it is. \We regularly hear from customers who have used TLB’s for over...

    $119.99 $99.99
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  • Carp Spirit XTRE Receiver

          Carp Spirit XTRE Receiver Multi Choice colour LEDS Ultra bright long life LEDS. Extremely compact design in ergonomically combined materials. Remote range whereby you can make 100% sure the alarms and receiver are in remote...

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  • Carp Spirit HD5R Receiver

          Carp Spirit HD5R Receiver Features; Manual power switch Power on Power off Vibration LED Colour button LED Colour selection button Volume Control Mute, low, medium, high, ultra high & max high Tone Control Table support and...

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  • Carp Spirit HD5 Bite Alarm

          Carp Spirit HD5 Bite Alarm Ultra bright long lift LEDS.  Adjustable multicolour LEDS in 6 different cool colours of your choice (Red, Green, UV-Blue, Yellow Purple and White)  Extremely compact design in ergonomically...

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  • ATTs Crystal ATTx Deluxe Receiver

          ATTs Crystal ATTx Deluxe Receiver This new Crystal version of the ATTx Deluxe Receiver matches the great looks of the new Crystal ATTsi heads, whilst retaining all the same benefits and functions of the ATTx Deluxe Receiver...

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  • Nash Siren R3 Red

        Nash Siren R3 Red   When a Siren R3 sounds, take notice like never before. Setting new standards, the R3 Intelligent Sensing microchip technology eliminates false indications, giving you the ultimate insight into what is happening...

    $199.99 $169.99
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  • Nash Siren S5R Bite Alarms Range

        Nash Siren S5R Bite Alarms Range The award winning compact Nash Siren S5 goes wireless with the launch of the S5R remote series.   Packed with features beyond its price and with the same bulletproof build quality common to allSiren...

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  • ATTx V2 Receiver

            Gardner ATTx V2 Receiver The version 2 ATTx receiver is available in 7 ‘single colour’ LED options, plus the standard Multi-Colour version, the V2 ATTx Receiver is also compatible with virtually any alarm that...

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  • ATTs Underlit Wheel Alarm

            Gardner ATTs Underlits Wheel Alarms Key Features Illuminated wheel roller Supplied with a clear 2 magnet roller wheel Compatible with deluxe & original V2ATTx receivers Full 1 Year ATT Warranty Awesome looks Available...

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  • Wychwood Solace Receiver - NEW for 2013

        Wychwood Solace Receiver - NEW for 2013 The Solace Receiver from Wychwood allows you to couple up to 6 Solace Alarms for superb remote bite detection.   Features: 6 Tone options 6 Volume options Vibration function 6 Led's to match...

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