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  • Cygnet 20/20 Specialist Tripod

    Cygnet 20/20 Specialist Tripod

          Cygnet 20/20 Specialist TripodOur hugely popular Specialist Tripod is now available in a 20/20 version. The central boss has been increased in diameter and is CNC-machined from aluminium. This lightweight, compact support...

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  • Gardner Triad

          Gardner Triad We designed this tripod adaptor primarily as a rock solid weigh station but with an extra stud in the rear for increased versatility. OR, with a long bankstick on this rear stud and long extending front legs you can...

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  • Fox Mini Pod Anchors

          Fox Mini Pod Anchors This unique design allows your rod-pod to be firmly anchored to the ground. Pivoting through 90 degrees, each foot can adjusted to suit uneven ground if required and each foot features an anchoring point...

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  • Cygnet Pivotting Anchor Feet

          Cygnet Pivotting Anchor Feet Pivotting Anchor Feet Pivoting Anchor Feet are indespensible when you need extra stability from your pod or tripod. They have been designed to fit the Grand Sniper range of pods and the Weigh Tripods...

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  • Trakker Hook-Ups

        Trakker Hook-Ups Featuring a unique hook retaining system the Hook-Up prevent  your hook points from blunting or snagging inside your rod bag. They simply connect to your rod rings via the crooks while the foam inner protects your...

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