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  • NGT Camo Rod Tip & Butt Protectors

              NGT Camo Rod Tip & Butt Protectors A set of Camo tip and butt protectors to protect and hold together made up rods.  Made from 210D waterproof high quality neoprene material with velcro...

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  • Gardner Deluxe Weed Rake

          Gardner Deluxe Weed Rake The spiked design of the Deluxe Weed Rake is best used to clean up spots and for dragging up low lying weed and debris.All metal Brass and Steel construction will never break.Approx 3.3 ounces (93g),...

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  • Trakker Handtowel

          Trakker Handtowel Our Handtowel is an ideal addition to any cook bag for drying cookware or mopping up any spillages inside the bivvy. It has high-density cotton fibres for maximum absorption and features the Trakker Icon logo...

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  • Trakker Optics 10×42 Binoculars

          Trakker Optics 10×42 Binoculars With 10x optical zoom for outstanding clarity at distance, the Optics 10×42 Binoculars are a vital piece of equipment when it comes to watercraft and observing your quarry. The 42mm...

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  • Trakker 50mm Ring Protectors

          Trakker 50mm Ring Protectors This is a simple solution for protecting 50mm rod rings. The high-quality neoprene construction offers a hard-wearing protective cover that slides over 50mm rod rings to protect the frame and ring...

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  • Wolf Quick Release Flash 2.0

          Wolf Quick Release Flash 2.0 This stainless steel quick release can be used in any fishing situation and is highly stable. Consisting of two parts, the smaller is attached to the buzzer or rod rest and the other larger part is...

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  • RidgeMonkey Hangman Rig Rack

          RidgeMonkey Hangman Rig Rack A versatile rack designed to store multiple hooklinks, leaders, prepared PVA bag set ups and more, the Hangman Rig Rack is the most convenient little gadget that you never knew you needed …...

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  • RidgeMonkey Vault Tech Table

          RidgeMonkey Vault Tech Table All portable tables are the same, right? Not when your portable table can power your electronics!! Featuring a removable, rechargeable 9500mAh battery and two high-power USB output ports, the...

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  • RidgeMonkey LX Hand Towel Set

          RidgeMonkey LX Hand Towel Set A smart pair of 100% cotton towels with stylish RidgeMonkey branding. Whether you’ve worked up a sweat or just need to dry your equipment, these designer towels get the job done and features a...

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  • Gardner DSLR Camera Angle (Heavy Duty)

          Gardner DSLR Camera Angle (Heavy Duty)  This heavy duty Camera Angle has been designed for use with DSLR’s. It offers a high torque locking mechanism for a rock solid camera mounting. Simply position the Camera...

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  • Team Korda Hand Towel

        Team Korda Hand Towel A soft hand towel for the modern specimen angler, enabling you to dry off your PVA or hands after catching a fish. Its designed in Kordas olive green colour and stores easily in your rucksack. Manufactured in a...

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  • Gardner Hand Towel

          Gardner Hand Towel An essential part of any angler’s kit, especially in wet weather when you will need to keep your hands dry whilst tying PVA bags or rigs. This green microfibre towel is embroidered with the Gardner logo...

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  • Fox Marker Sticks

          Fox Marker Sticks Black anodised aluminium sticks High visability sight tops with Beta Light slot 24" / 60cm length Measure and clip your reel lines for perfect accuracy every cast

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