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Buzz Bars

  • Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bars

          Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bars The Minimal Buzzer Bars boast all the great characteristics of our 20/20 Range in a slimmer, svelte profile in a matt black finish and Cygnet genes. Less, for once, is more. Available in 6 inch 6.5 inch

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  • Cygnet 20/20 Snugs Buzz Bars

          Cygnet 20/20 Snugs Buzz Bar 3 Rod 11.5 Inch 20/20 Snugs Cygnet's original Snugs stole the market for super-narrow buzzer bars, so it makes perfect sense to release the same in our 20/20 Range. Ultra-compact with your reels...

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