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Rod Pods

  • JRC® Cocoon Pod

          JRC® Cocoon Pod Light weight but strong aluminium construction Non-glare black coating Durable CAD-designed ABS parts Oversized cam levers for easy handling and optimal force distribution Intelligent multiple leg spley...

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  • Meccanica Vadese Mico Tripod

          Meccanica Vadese Mico Tripod The MICO tripod is an excellent solution for Big river and Rock fishing!! It's construction will guarantee a long time of use It can also be used with buzzers for barbel fishing in rivers Key...

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  • Meccanica Vadese Smart Pod 3 Rod

              Meccanica Vadese Smart Pod 3 Rod   The Smart Pod is one of the most versatile Pod of the Meccanica Vadese stable. As the name might suggest, it adapts perfectly to multiple fishing situations giving always a...

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  • Meccanica Vadese Eagle 3 Rod Pod

          Meccanica Vadese Eagle 3 Rod Pod The EAGLE is a very versatile yet essential pod It's twin tube construction with the four legs placed at either end of it give it extreme stability over all type of terrain and in every fishing...

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  • Meccanica Vadese Nick 95 3 Rod Pod

          Meccanica Vadese Nick 95 Nero 3 Rod Pod The Nick was born in 2008 from the fusion of passion for carpfishing and love for engineering and became very quickly a top player in the high quality rod pod scene...

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  • Meccanica Vadese Micro Nick08 3 Rod Pod

          Meccanica Vadese Micro Nick 3 Rod Pod This rod pod has been designed for those kind of anglers wich need a compact and lightweight rod support but great stability. It's designed for the angler who likes to travel light or fishes...

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  • Meccanica Vadese Evolution 3 Rod Pod

          Meccanica Vadese Nick Evolution 3 Rod Pod The Nick Evolution is a pod with features the best features of both our first two pods. The mighty Nick 95' and the partical Tech-Nick. We managed to create a very stable and...

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  • Meccanica Vadese Revolution 3 Rod Pod

            Meccanica Vadese Revolution 3 Rod Pod This Rod Pod is from a mechanical point of view the exact copy of a Evolution Pod. All the features that made it one of the most appreciated Rod Pods on the market have remained the...

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