Scissors & Rig Tools

  • Katran Hair Rig Tyer

    Katran Hair Rig Tyer

          Katran Hair Rig Tyer Hair Hook Tyer - is highly convenient tool for tying hooks. It allows to hold small size hooks and adjust the desired hair length. With Katran Hair Hook Tyer all your rig hairs will always be the same length.

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  • NGT Rig Wand

    NGT Rig Wand

          NGT Rig Wand Four Size Braid Stripper, Knot Puller & Pick With more people tying their own rigs we have developed this hand tool.... The Rig Wand It includes four different size braid strippers, three knot pullers and a knot...

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  • Nash Cutters.

    Nash Cutters.

          Nash Cutters Ultra sharp stainless blades for precision rig construction, effortlessly cutting the toughest materials such as Armourlink and Skinlink.   Ultra sharp stainless blades!

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  • Gardner Rig Blades

    Gardner Rig Blades

          Gardner Rig Blades These high grade Rig Blades are ideal for intricate rig work and will cleanly cut skinned/coated braids, copolymer and fluorocarbon monofilaments and all braided Dyneema lines. These compact scissors have high...

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  • Fox EDGES™ Tension Bar

    Fox EDGES™ Tension Bar

          Fox EDGES™ Tension Bar The Tension Bar is an invaluable rig tool for any anglers tackle box. Its uses include making   Consistent sized loops Straightening stiff rigs and boom sections Knot tightening Knot testing and...

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  • Gardner Ultra Blades

    Gardner Ultra Blades

            Gardner Ultra Blades These high grade, precision ground stainless steel blades have been manufactured to work superbly on both braided and monofilament fishing lines. They cut through any coated hooklink, copolymer line,...

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  • Guru Rig Scissors

    Guru Rig Scissors

        Guru Rig Scissors These super-sharp, hardwearing blades will make short work of any rig materials. They’ll handle braids, monofilaments and fluorocarbons with ease and will stay sharp and reliable for ages. The hot-orange handles...

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  • Korda Chod-It Tool

    Korda Chod-It Tool

        Korda Chod-It Tool   A unique tool designed specifically to make tying chod and stiff rigs easier. Machined from aluminium and designed to make the perfect 'D' on stiff rigs and form perfect loops in boom sections whilst the special...

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  • Korda Razorblades

    Korda Razorblades

        Korda Razorblades Ok, there are plenty of scissors already on the market but we felt we could still improve on these. All the versions currently available are generally made in a dull, carpy colours; meaning they are often lost amongst...

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  • Korda Pulla Tool

    Korda Pulla Tool

        Korda Pulla Tool The Pulla has been specially designed so that the angler can easily pull knots tight on hook links and check that they are strong enough. The 2mm stainless steel hook fits perfectly through a Korda Size 8 Swivel or a...

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  • Korda Krimps

    Korda Krimps

          Korda Krimps The Krimps and Krimp tool have been designed to allow easy rig construction with stiff materials. In particular, Korda are really excited about the potential to create extremely neat loops for chod rigs. Not only...

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  • Fox Braid Blades

    Fox Braid Blades

        Braid - Blade® Fox Braid Blades are made from hardened Stainless Steel with precision ground edges designed to cleanly cut modern braided and coated lines. Many of these materials are constructed from Dyneema – one of the strongest and...

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