• Wolf X-SPOD Performance

    Wolf X-SPOD Performance

          Wolf X-SPOD Performance The X-Spod Performance is a unique floating spod with a compartment that splits four ways to deliver your bait. This is the larger of the X-Spod range and is excellent for getting the maximum amount of...

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  • Gardner Bait Shuttle

    Gardner Bait Shuttle

          Gardner Bait Shuttle Gardner Tackle has a long and distinguished history of manufacturing and selling spods, from the very first commercially available spod, the Bait Rocket to the hugely popular Pocket Rocket range and the...

    $12.99 - $14.99
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  • FOX Impact Spod


    FOX Impact Spod

          FOX Impact Spod Having looked at the bait delivery devices currently available on the market our product design team at Fox believed that there was still room for further development for a product that could perform in a...

    $21.99 - $26.99
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  • The Spomb

    The Spomb

          The SPOMB – A revolution in bait delivery!Only very occasionally does a new product arrive on the carp scene and immediately seem set to create a revolution in the way we deliver bait samples to a swim. Spods, Catapults,...

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  • Mini Spomb

    Mini Spomb

          The Mini Spomb   The Mini Spomb , Use on any rod Due to the smaller diameter, the mini Spomb complies with various fishing competition rules, worldwide, where baiting products cannot exceed 50mm in diameter...

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  • Korda Spod Tails

    Korda Spod Tails

        Korda Spod Tails  Spod Tails are designed to fit all Korda spods. The special special semi-rigid design ensures the spod stays stable in flight, allows easy filling and fits together simply and quickly. Features Designed to...

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  • Korda Skywinder Spod

    Korda Skywinder Spod

        Korda Skywinder Spod  The SkyWinder is a modified version of the legendary SkyRaider. Designed to be used as a boilie rocket or to deliver maggots at range with reduced spillage. Water can easily be added to increase the casting...

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