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  • Nash Micro Dot Spod

    Nash Micro Dot Spod

          Nash Micro Dot SpodMarket beating guaranteed bait delivery on touchdown with the extreme casting potentialof the proven Dot Spod design now in a reduced size for smaller payloads.Perfect for all baits from floaters to pellets to...

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  • Wolf X-SPOD Performance

    Wolf X-SPOD Performance

          Wolf X-SPOD Performance The X-Spod Performance is a unique floating spod with a compartment that splits four ways to deliver your bait. This is the larger of the X-Spod range and is excellent for getting the maximum amount of...

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  • Gardner Bait Shuttle

    Gardner Bait Shuttle

          Gardner Bait Shuttle Gardner Tackle has a long and distinguished history of manufacturing and selling spods, from the very first commercially available spod, the Bait Rocket to the hugely popular Pocket Rocket range and the...

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  • The Spomb

    The Spomb

          The SPOMB – A revolution in bait delivery!Only very occasionally does a new product arrive on the carp scene and immediately seem set to create a revolution in the way we deliver bait samples to a swim. Spods, Catapults,...

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  • Mini Spomb

    Mini Spomb

          The Mini Spomb   The Mini Spomb , Use on any rod Due to the smaller diameter, the mini Spomb complies with various fishing competition rules, worldwide, where baiting products cannot exceed 50mm in diameter...

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  • Midi Spomb

    Midi Spomb

          The Midi Spomb The Midi Spomb is a great new product for Spodding out your bait at long range accurately and easily. Its weighs approx 1.5oz empty and 4.5oz loaded (weights are approximate) The SPOMB – A...

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  • Korda Spod Tails

    Korda Spod Tails

        Korda Spod Tails  Spod Tails are designed to fit all Korda spods. The special special semi-rigid design ensures the spod stays stable in flight, allows easy filling and fits together simply and quickly. Features Designed to...

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  • Korda Skywinder Spod

    Korda Skywinder Spod

        Korda Skywinder Spod  The SkyWinder is a modified version of the legendary SkyRaider. Designed to be used as a boilie rocket or to deliver maggots at range with reduced spillage. Water can easily be added to increase the casting...

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