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Cooking & Outdoor

  • Korda Compac Cooler

    Korda Compac Cooler

          Korda Compac Cooler If you’re looking for the ultimate fishing coolbag/box to keep all your food and bait in perfect condition during longer sessions, then look no further than the Compac Cooler!The Cooler is the ultimate...

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  • Korda Compac Gas Jacket

          Korda Compac Gas Jacket Something as simple as the Compac Gas Jacket can make a big difference, especially during the colder months when gas stoves suffer from reduced performance due to gas canisters getting cold. The Gas jacket...

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  • Trakker Handtowel

          Trakker Handtowel Our Handtowel is an ideal addition to any cook bag for drying cookware or mopping up any spillages inside the bivvy. It has high-density cotton fibres for maximum absorption and features the Trakker Icon logo...

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  • Trakker Optics 10×42 Binoculars

          Trakker Optics 10×42 Binoculars With 10x optical zoom for outstanding clarity at distance, the Optics 10×42 Binoculars are a vital piece of equipment when it comes to watercraft and observing your quarry. The 42mm...

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  • RidgeMonkey ThermoMug

          RidgeMonkey ThermoMug Gunmetal Green Keep your brew warmer (or your cold drink cooler) for longer with the insulated RidgeMonkey ThermoMug: maintains temperature for up to an hour!! Say goodbye to broken ceramic thanks to the...

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  • RidgeMonkey Connect Combi and Steamer Set

          RidgeMonkey Connect Combi and Steamer Set Why use a number of different pans when you can cook a whole meal in just one? Featuring a traditional deep-sided frying pan, a four-section multi-purpose pan and removable steamer tray,...

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  • RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Powerbanks

          RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Powerbanks USB Type-C: the future of USB connectivity Continuing the success of the award-winning RidgeMonkey Vault Dual Voltage Powerpack, the Vault C-Smart sets an even higher bar for portable power...

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  • RidgeMonkey Vault USB-C to C Cable

          RidgeMonkey Vault USB-C to C Cable 1 metre USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery Compatible Cable for use with the RidgeMonkey. Vault C-Smart range: unlocks the true potential of USB Power Delivery. Use with RidgeMonkey. Vault 45W USB-C...

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  • RidgeMonkey SQ DLX Plate Sets

          RidgeMonkey SQ DLX Plate Sets The RidgeMonkey SQ DLX Plate Sets have been designed to withstand life in the great outdoors – constructed from hard-wearing melamine, the plates are easy to clean, store and carry for outdoor...

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  • Trakker Aviator Sunglasses

          Trakker Aviator Sunglasses Based on the highly popular style, the Aviator Sunglasses are also incredibly practical for the day to day angler. Providing UV 400 protection with brown 1.1 TAC polarised lenses with a mirrored gold...

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  • Trakker Classic Sunglasses

          Trakker Classic Sunglasses With a flat top and designed in a highly popular style, the Classis Sunglasses are finished in a soft-touch rubberised coating and UV 400 protection grey 1.1 TAC polarised lenses to allow for clear...

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  • SALE

    Shimano Tribal Cooking Case

          Shimano Tribal Cooking Case Organised Compact DesignInternal and external mesh pockets  Complete with utensils for two people  Additional storage space for a small stove and gas Dimensions - 27cm x 26cm x...

    $69.99 $59.00
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  • Prologic Firestarter Insta-Zebo

          Prologic Firestarter Insta-Zebo Ultimate protection for a long session, or during the warm summer days when the mosquitos are a constant problem. This massive shelter has the unique feature of having a quick erect system that...

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  • RidgeMonkey DFST Utensil Set

          RidgeMonkey DFST Utensil Set Open up a whole new range of recipe ideas with this purpose made set: featuring a moulded storage tray that fits snugly inside the toaster, the Utensil Set is a must for anyone that’s serious...

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