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  • Korum Dura-Method Feeders 60g 2 Pack

          Korum Dura-Method Feeders 60g 2 Pack Dura-Method Feeders provide a super strong feeder that ensures all your bait gets to the lakebed thanks to its unique design and structure.  Made from lead for optimum strangth and...

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  • Fox Kling On Leads In-Line

          Fox Kling On Leads In-Line Fox Kling-Ons have been CAD designed for optimum performance. Both sides of the lead are textured and feature pronounced studs which grip just about any type of bottom. This makes the design ideal for...

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  • Fox Method Feeder

            Fox Method Feeder The original in-line method feeder, this is totally safe to carp as it has a rubber grommet that grips a size 7 swivel. However, once under pressure the swivel comes free from the grommet turning the...

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  • Fox In-Line Paste Bomb

          Fox In-Line Paste Bomb These unique models can be used as a standard lead or have bait moulded around them and used as a method feeder. The CAD generated shape with slim line cavities, gives superb purchase to stiff method mixes...

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