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Zig & Chod

  • Fox Zig Rig Disc Storage System

          Fox Zig Rig Disc Storage System       Zig rig storage solution complete with 20 pins 5 x Removable foam disks Each disk stores 3 zig rigs in their individual grooves Large diameter disks to reduce line coil 1...

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  • Fox Multi Chod & Zig Bin

          Fox Multi Chod & Zig Bin Introducing a purpose-built storage solution for your Chod and Zig rigs, the Multi Chod & Zig Bin can also aid with the tying of both rigs too! Includes pins

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  • Fox Steam & Store Chod/Withy Bin

          Fox Steam & Store Chod/Withy Bin There is no doubt that Chod and Withy Pool Rigs are amongst the most popular – and indeed effective – rigs of all time but steaming and then storing them so as to ensure that the...

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  • Korda Zig Box

          Korda Zig Box Tough impact proof storage 4 x Eva Spools & 20 pins to secure rigs Each spool holds approx 5 rigs or leaders Compatible with our existing 'ready zig' range When you’re fishing zigs, a lot of the time you...

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  • Korda Chodsafe

          Korda ChodSafe If you use chod rigs, or hinged stiff rigs then you’re going to want one of these neat cases. They’re an impact-proof way to curve and store up to 28 perfect Mouth Trap hook sections, of a range of...

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