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Tackle Box's

  • RidgeMonkey Armoury Tackle box

    RidgeMonkey Armoury Tackle box

          RidgeMonkey Armoury Tackle box There is no doubt that being well organised is paramount in any pastime and fishing is no exception: with so many different small items needed to cover most situations a well-stocked tackle box is a...

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  • Trakker NXG Compact Tackle Bag

          Trakker NXG Compact Tackle Bag Designed to store end tackle items in a neat and convenient way, the NXG Compact Tackle Bag features a customisable divider system, as well as a huge array of pockets suitable for different-sized...

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  • Korda Compac 220

          Korda Compac 220 The Korda Compac luggage system provides a neat and water resistant storage solution for terminal tackle and other angling essentials. The Compac 220 is the perfect size to accommodate the Korda Tackle Box, which...

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  • Korda Leader Safe

          Korda Leader Safe An innovative and smart way to store leaders. Available in two sizes - Large stores six complete leaders, and the Small stores three. Accommodates lead clips and Heli-Safe Systems, and the Large Leader-Safe...

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  • Korda Mini Boxes

          Korda Mini Boxes A range of four Mini Compartment Boxes have been designed to fit perfectly within the Tackle Box but can also be used independently. The range of Mini Compartment Boxes are sold individually and will be available...

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  • Gardner Modular Tackle System

          Gardner Modula Tackle System  The Modular Tackle System (MTS) comprises three inter-connecting padded pouches that can be used for safely transporting anything from key terminal tackle to leads and other angling essentials like...

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  • Korda Tackle Safe

          Korda Tackle Safe  Features 29 storage compartmentsAssorted compartment sizesDesigned for all your tackle essentialsStrong and compact designPerfect for the mobile angler who likes to travel lightThe perfect tackle storage...

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  • Korda Compac Luggage Systems

          Korda Compac Luggage Systems Compac is the ultimate in tackle storage, keeping items you take fishing neat, organised and handy when you need them.This range of EVA luggage is extremely lightweight and durable, and is made from a...

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  • Korum ITM Clamshell Boxes

          Korum ITM Clamshell Boxes These ITM tackle box compatible boxes are designed to maximise space and efficiency. Pocket-sized to be used on its own, or as part of an ITM tackle box setup, it fits all your bits and pieces perfectly...

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  • Guru Punch Box

          Guru Punch Box Supplied as a pack of four punches and the Punch Box, they can be used for a variety of baits, but are mainly designed for meat and bread. The four punches are from 6mm to 12mm in diameter and fit neatly into the...

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