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Rod Rests

  • Cygnet 20/20 Specialist Tripod

    Cygnet 20/20 Specialist Tripod

          Cygnet 20/20 Specialist TripodOur hugely popular Specialist Tripod is now available in a 20/20 version. The central boss has been increased in diameter and is CNC-machined from aluminium. This lightweight, compact support...

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  • Wolf Multi-Angle Lock

          Wolf Multi-Angle Lock This stainless steel multi-angle adjustable angle lock can be used on banksticks, buzz bars or rod pods when a different angle is needed for your rod rest, buzzer or camera. The constant velocity joint can...

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  • Wolf Easy Claw Rests

          Wolf Easy Claw Rests This stainless steel functional and versatile rod rest is an excellent device for locking the rod in situations where the rod needs to be locked up and secure where the rod cannot move forwards when you get a...

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  • Carp Spirit BLAX Bora Point Banksticks

          Carp Spirit BLAX Bora Point Banksticks Aluminium bankware is lightweight, functional and really looks the part on the bank. Extensively tested by the Carp Spirit team, the 16mm Aircraft grade aluminium tube is both sturdy and...

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  • Gardner Dual Gripper Butt Rests

          Gardner Dual Gripper Butt Rests    These flexible Dual Gripper Butt Rests are designed to securely retain the rod in most fishing situations – holding onto the butt and stopping the rod from being pulled from the...

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  • Cygnet Butt Grabbers

          Cygnet Butt Grabbers Butt Grabber Not only do our minimalist Butt Grabbers look fantastic, the perform fantastically too. Two sizes cater for abbreviated (small) and full duplon or cork handles (large) and you can rest assured...

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    JAG Lockdown Rear Grip Systems

        JAG Lockdown Rear Grip Systems Prolite Lockdown Rear Grip SystemPrecision machined from high grade Aluminum and hard anodized in Prolite grey, the Lockdown rod grip is not only a thing of beauty to compliment the JAG Prolite range but is...

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  • Cygnet Butt Cup

      Cygnet Butt Cup Designed for when you’re fishing your rods high ‘continental style’ and perfect for whenever you want to keep a lot of line off the water. Simply drop your rod into the Butt Cup and it’s not going anywhere.

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