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Bite Alarms, Bobbins & Accessories


  • Nash Slap Head Bobbin Kit 20g

          Nash Slap Head Bobbin Kit 20g Complete indication solutions combining the enclosed bearing, magnet and spring mechanism of the virtually unbreakable PTFE Slap Head that clicks line securely into the gate but disengages the...

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  • Nash Strong Arm 14cm

          Nash Strong Arm 14cm Black anodised stainless Strong Arms allow Slap Heads to be mounted swing arm style, unaffected by cross winds and extreme conditions. The threaded connections allow Strong Arms to connect directly to Siren...

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  • Fox Black Label Stealth Bobbins

          Fox Black Label Stealth Bobbins Machined aluminium bodyMemory-free 6in super soft black Dacron cord with machined black aluminium hockey stick connectionCord can be shortened should you wishNarrow mid-section with isotope viewing...

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  • Fox Black Label Dumpy Bobbins

          Fox Black Label Dumpy Bobbins Classic old school lookInjection moulded opaque coloured main body with two transparent isotope windowsIsotope windows allow you view glow from the sides or from the front Unique indented cap is...

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  • Fox Micron MX Alarm

          Fox Micron MX Alarm High visibility 4mm multi-coloured LED (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple and White)LED colour changed by pushing rubber touch button on rear of alarm (as per RX+)Dual step sensitivityIndexed volume adjustment...

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  • Solar Large Indicator Head

          Solar Large Indicator Head Titanium indicator heads are cleverly designed and engineered in the UK, with this model being made from P1 stainless components and the latest injection moulding technology. Featuring an integral,...

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  • Wolf Quick Release Flash 2.0

          Wolf Quick Release Flash 2.0 This stainless steel quick release can be used in any fishing situation and is highly stable. Consisting of two parts, the smaller is attached to the buzzer or rod rest and the other larger part is...

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  • NGT Profiler Indicators

          NGT Profiler Indicators   Ball Clip Head Black ChainAdjustable Weight Our Profiler indicators are stylishly designed using a short black 14cm chain with removable 5gr weight and resin hockey.  Available in Purple,...

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  • Sonik Gizmo Alarm Blue

          Sonik Gizmo Alarm Blue Small but perfectly formed. The new Gizmo® bite alarm offers top performance in a miniature package. Featuring Illuminated snag ears and line roller giving you instant indication for the slightest of...

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  • Sonik SKS Orange Alarm

          Sonik SKS Orange Alarm The SKS Alarm is now available individualy in Orange.  Six volume levels plus silent mode Four sensitivity adjustments Seven tone adjustments 100% waterproof Diamond shaped illuminated roller with...

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  • SALE

    Prologic 6 Shooter Hanger Kit

          Prologic 6 Shooter Hanger Kit Prologic 6 Shooter Hanger Kit (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Glow) 7 step adjustable head. Betalight internal slot. Quick release connection. Adjustable ball clip release head.

    $27.99 $18.95
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  • JRC Radar CX Alarms 3 + 1 All Blue

          JRC® Radar CX Alarms 3 + 1 All Blue Designed, engineered & tested in the UK Travelling blue LEDs 20 second latching LED Stepless adjustable volume, tone, and sensitivity Magneto-dynamic speaker with digital amplifier...

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  • JRC® X-Lite Snag Ears

          JRC® X-Lite Snag Ears Light weight aluminium construction Black anodized coating Clever compact, but rock solid design Snag fish with the peace of mind that your rod will stay in place no matter how violent the take.  

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  • JRC Radar CX Alarm Heads & Receiver

          JRC Radar CX Alarm Heads & Receiver The new Radar CX alarm has all the necessary functions that will impress even the demanding carp anglers! The alarm features adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity. It has a housing made...

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  • JRC Radar C4 Alarm

          JRC Radar C4 Alarm Bright travelling LED tower30 Second latching red LED'sStepless adjustable volume, tone and sensitivityMagneto-dynamic speaker with digital amplifier for superior sound qualityBody made from high impact ABS...

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