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Rig Box's

  • Prologic Cruzade Rig Box

          Prologic Cruzade Rig Box Waterproof and shockproof Four internal rig boardsStore up to 40 rigs Size : 35 x 10.5 x 7cm Storage for rig components Pins included

    $22.37 (Inc. ON HST)
    $19.80 (Ex. ON HST)
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  • Guru Long Rig Case

          Guru Long Rig Case This scaled-up Rig Case is twice the size of the original, at 12 inches. It retains all the market-leading features, including magnetic locking system, soft-touch overmould and water-resistant seal to keep your...

    $19.39 (Inc. ON HST)
    $17.16 (Ex. ON HST)
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  • Guru Rig Box

          Guru Rig Box This compact rig-storage solution is just the thing for the angler who likes to be prepared. We know that you guys like to prepare methodically for action, and this system allows you to do just that. Guru Rig Box...

    $16.40 (Inc. ON HST)
    $14.52 (Ex. ON HST)
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  • Korda Mini RigSafe

          Korda Mini RigSafe We’ve overhauled our rig-storage solutions recently, and this new Rig-Safe is the result. It’s robust and compact, yet it will hold up to 60 pre-tied rigs! As you’d expect, we’ve...

    $26.85 (Inc. ON HST)
    $23.76 (Ex. ON HST)
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  • Korda Large RigSafe

          Korda Large RigSafe Those of you who use longer rigs or need more storage space are going to love the newly released Large Rig-Safe! This is the ultimate rig storage system for anyone looking for more capacity than the existing...

    $32.07 (Inc. ON HST)
    $28.38 (Ex. ON HST)
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  • Gardner Mini Rig Bin

          Gardner Mini Rig Bin This smaller version of the iconic Original Rig Bin, the Mini Rig Bin one is hugely popular for storing short rigs and used by many for storage of Chod Rigs as the smaller diameter retains the perfect curve...

    $6.71 (Inc. ON HST)
    $5.94 (Ex. ON HST)
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  • Guru Rig Case Small

            GURU Rig Case The new Guru Rig Case is set to be a massive seller in 2014. As always with Guru tackle, it features some clever design features including a compact, double-sided, magnetic fastening case to increase its...

    $13.42 (Inc. ON HST)
    $11.88 (Ex. ON HST)
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