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  • Fox Power Guard Rangemaster Multi Pouch

          Fox Power Guard Rangemaster Multi Pouch   Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control – curve in handle corrects for, and prevents the need for, wrist flexion when baiting Features patented knuckle...

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  • Fox Royale Boilie/Stalking Pouch

          Fox Royale Boilie/Stalking Pouch Due to popular demand we have released two handy Boilie/ Stalking Pouches into the Royale range. Available in standard and XL sizes, these are perfect for keeping bait to hand when using a...

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  • Prologic Rig Tool

          Prologic Rig Tool High grade aluminium bodyFour tool in oneLine stripperLine cutterKnot pullerTapered point to shape loops and D-ring perfectly  

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  • Prologic Hair Controller

          Prologic Hair Controller   Handy and user friendly tool that ensure perfect hair rigs, and help to obtain always the desired length of your hair. Insert the hook into the wise Fit the loop into the pin and slide tool to...

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  • Fox EDGES™ Micro Baiting Needles

            Fox EDGES™ Micro Baiting Needles Fine NeedleThe Fine Needle is perfect for small boilies and particle baits. Heavy NeedleThe Heavy Needle is perfect for larger boilies and harder baits. Gated NeedleThe Gated...

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  • Fox EDGES™ Deluxe Needle Set

          Fox EDGES™ Deluxe Needle Set The Deluxe Needle Set from Fox includes: 1 x Edges Stix & Stringer Needle 1 x Edges Fine Needle 1 x Heavy Needle 1 x Gated Needle 1 x Splicing Needle Ergonomic soft grip handles

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  • Fox EDGES™ Tension Bar

          Fox EDGES™ Tension Bar The Tension Bar is an invaluable rig tool for any anglers tackle box. Its uses include making   Consistent sized loops Straightening stiff rigs and boom sections Knot tightening Knot testing and...

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  • Guru Speedmesh Needle

        Guru Speedmesh Needle The Speedmesh needle is a gate and latch type, which is perfect for loading sticks and bags onto your hook link without snagging the weave of the PVA. The loop in the end of your hook link is held inside the clasp...

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  • Guru Rig Scissors

        Guru Rig Scissors These super-sharp, hardwearing blades will make short work of any rig materials. They’ll handle braids, monofilaments and fluorocarbons with ease and will stay sharp and reliable for ages. The hot-orange handles...

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  • Fox Braid Blades

        Braid - Blade® Fox Braid Blades are made from hardened Stainless Steel with precision ground edges designed to cleanly cut modern braided and coated lines. Many of these materials are constructed from Dyneema – one of the strongest and...

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