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  • Fox Power Guard Rangemaster Multi Pouch

          Fox Power Guard Rangemaster Multi Pouch   Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control – curve in handle corrects for, and prevents the need for, wrist flexion when baiting Features patented knuckle...

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  • Korda Eazi-Stik

          Korda Eazi-Stik Korda's lightweight throwing stickMakes long-range baiting with boilies easyRubber handle provides great grip25mm and 20mm sizes availableThe Eazi-Stik has a long, straight shaft which allows the boilie to pick up...

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  • Fox Royale Boilie/Stalking Pouch

          Fox Royale Boilie/Stalking Pouch Due to popular demand we have released two handy Boilie/ Stalking Pouches into the Royale range. Available in standard and XL sizes, these are perfect for keeping bait to hand when using a...

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  • Prologic Rig Tool

          Prologic Rig Tool High grade aluminium bodyFour tool in oneLine stripperLine cutterKnot pullerTapered point to shape loops and D-ring perfectly  

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  • Korda Distance Sticks

          Korda Distance Sticks Features; Our Distance Sticks are made by engineering gurus JAG Products They're designed for wrapping our distance for accurate casting. The sticks have grooves in them, to prevent bird's nests. Special...

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  • Prologic Hair Controller

          Prologic Hair Controller   Handy and user friendly tool that ensure perfect hair rigs, and help to obtain always the desired length of your hair. Insert the hook into the wise Fit the loop into the pin and slide tool to...

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  • Fox EDGES™ Micro Baiting Needles

            Fox EDGES™ Micro Baiting Needles Fine NeedleThe Fine Needle is perfect for small boilies and particle baits. Heavy NeedleThe Heavy Needle is perfect for larger boilies and harder baits. Gated NeedleThe Gated...

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  • Fox EDGES™ Deluxe Needle Set

          Fox EDGES™ Deluxe Needle Set The Deluxe Needle Set from Fox includes: 1 x Edges Stix & Stringer Needle 1 x Edges Fine Needle 1 x Heavy Needle 1 x Gated Needle 1 x Splicing Needle Ergonomic soft grip handles

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  • Korda Katapult

        Korda Katapult The Korda Katapult is set to become an industry benchmark for reliability and fuss free performance. Korda have launched 2 versions of this katty, a light and a heavy version. The light version has a medium pouch and...

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  • Korda Infuza Pots

          Korda Infuza Pots Most anglers appreciate that the inspiration to develop a new product comes from being faced with a recurring problem, and here at Korda Developments we've recently seen an increase in the need for a no-fuss...

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  • Fox EDGES™ Tension Bar

          Fox EDGES™ Tension Bar The Tension Bar is an invaluable rig tool for any anglers tackle box. Its uses include making   Consistent sized loops Straightening stiff rigs and boom sections Knot tightening Knot testing and...

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  • Korda Bait Drill & Cork Sticks

        Korda Bait Drill & Cork Sticks These precision-engineered drills are perfect for creating popular balanced presentations like the KD rig and Muzza rig. There are two drills in the range, 8mm and 6mm, which will cater for a range of...

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  • Korda Chod-It Tool

        Korda Chod-It Tool   A unique tool designed specifically to make tying chod and stiff rigs easier. Machined from aluminium and designed to make the perfect 'D' on stiff rigs and form perfect loops in boom sections whilst the special...

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  • Korda Kutter

        Korda Kutter What a response we’ve had to the launch of this gem. It’s the brother to the Krusha and allows you to smash out loads of perfectly chopped boilies in double-quick time. There are three Kutters in the range that...

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  • Korda Strippa Tool

        Korda Strippa Tool Since releasing our Hybrid hook link material we have been inundated with emails and calls from people enquiring how to strip it. For the last few years we have recommended using your teeth, which can't be doing anyone...

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  • Korda Razorblades

        Korda Razorblades Ok, there are plenty of scissors already on the market but we felt we could still improve on these. All the versions currently available are generally made in a dull, carpy colours; meaning they are often lost amongst...

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  • Korda Pulla Tool

        Korda Pulla Tool The Pulla has been specially designed so that the angler can easily pull knots tight on hook links and check that they are strong enough. The 2mm stainless steel hook fits perfectly through a Korda Size 8 Swivel or a...

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  • Korda Krimps

          Korda Krimps The Krimps and Krimp tool have been designed to allow easy rig construction with stiff materials. In particular, Korda are really excited about the potential to create extremely neat loops for chod rigs. Not only...

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  • Fox Braid Blades

        Braid - Blade® Fox Braid Blades are made from hardened Stainless Steel with precision ground edges designed to cleanly cut modern braided and coated lines. Many of these materials are constructed from Dyneema – one of the strongest and...

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  • Korda Baiting Needles

    Korda Baiting Needles

       Korda Baiting Needles Baiting tools are an important part of any carp anglers kit, some people are happy to use one needle for everything. However seeing as we are self-confessed perfectionists, we like to use exactly the right tools for...

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