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    Gardner Slinga Catapults

            Gardner Slinga CatapultsNew improved latex elastication Accurate baiting is an absolutely critical aspect of all carp and coarse fishing, and the most widely used tool by anglers for firing baits to the chosen spot is...

    $15.99 $10.39 (Inc. ON HST)
    $14.15 $9.20 (Ex. ON HST)
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  • Nash Baiting Needles

    Captive Stringer NeedleThis extra long needle enables a line of boilies to be mounted in one go onto PVA tape/string or multi-bait long hair rigs Code T8213 - Price £2.49 Captive Boilie NeedleCode T8214 - Price £2.49 Micro Captive Boilie...

    $3.59 (Inc. ON HST)
    $3.18 (Ex. ON HST)
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